Shhhhhhh it's a secret



Where else would you want to be for your Christmas celebrations, than The Hearty Table?  With its open fire blazing, huge cosy sofa’s, beautiful Christmas trees, adorned with decorations and the delicate smell of pine needles… This is Christmas as it should be!

From the end of November The Hearty Table welcomes you to come and celebrate Christmas. 

We open the house to large PRIVATE parties from 50 – 80 people and offer our amazing grazing platters, which have been a likened to The Harrods Food Hall! 

Start off with our seafood selection, from Sushi to Oysters and everything in between, or try our interpretation of Prawn Cocktail – Martini Style. Have a boogie to the band, then come back for more… A selection of over 25 cheese from around the world, with a slice of freshly baked bread or an array of crackers, nibble on fresh fruit, or tuck into Antipasti, from Parma Ham to Salt beef, or a slice of sticky “Hearty” Ham, or pie. 

Mingle with your friends / colleagues as our friendly & experienced staff top up your glass… 

Maybe there is still space for a dollop of cheese fondue, or our delicious christmas pâté…. Or maybe it’s time to delve into the fantastic dessert selection, dip one of “Momma Mariaux’s” famous homemade Marshmallows into the chocolate fountain, or indulge in a salted chocolate pot…. 

The night is yours to enjoy….. Relax – Eat, Dance, Party…  This is an unforgettable Christmas experience.

The choice at our Grazing Platters, is huge and will suit all needs, vegetarian and allergies are all well catered for!

And don’t forget as always at The Hearty Table, you bring your own drinks – the savings are HUGE! We can help you organise this to suit your needs. 

Merry Christmas!